FPGA and VHDL Fast-Track: Hands-On for Absolute Beginners

Learn the basics of VHDL in a few evenings!


Are you familiar with programming but new to VHDL?

Do you need a short introduction to this unfamiliar subject?

Is your schedule full with no time left to study?

Understand the basics of FPGA development using VHDL in a few evenings! This course is for students and IT professionals who need a fast run-down of the subject. With this course and the low-cost Lattice iCEstick development board, you will be developing real hardware within hours.

Multiplexer, lookup table, and flip-flop

Understand the hardware

I use animations and straightforward language to explain how the basic components found inside of every FPGA work.

VHDL code

Write the VHDL code

You will write relevant VHDL code for our project while learning one or two new VHDL concepts in each coding lecture.

Lattice iCEstick showing

Program the FPGA

Fast-Track is a hands-on course. You will see the results of your VHDL code on the 7-segment display right from the start.


Affordable FPGA development board

At only $49, The Lattice iCEstick USB-pluggable development board is perfect for beginners. You can also use it for more complex projects, including my advanced follow-up course: The Dot matrix VHDL and FPGA Course.

Lattice iCEstick and Digilent 7-segment display
Lattice iCEcub2 screenshot

Easy-to-use software tools

The Lattice iCEcube2 design software used in this course is intuitive and easy to use. 

 Warning: additional cost!

Lattice Semiconductor now charges over $350/year for the iCEcube2 software used in this course. It was free until April 2024.

Project files in Windows Explorer

Template project files

Unpack the template projects and fill in the blanks. I have taken care of all the awkward settings so that you can spend time learning VHDL.

Git history in VSCode

Git repository

Use the Git repo for your convenience. Each coding lecture lists the names of Git tags for the revisions containing the code.

TCL code from the ModelSim run script

Custom simulator script

Simulate your VHDL code with ease by using my TCL script. Avoid stressing with the unfamiliar and complicated ModelSim GUI. 

Are you ready to start learning VHDL?

FPGA and VHDL Fast-Track


Get started learning today!

  • Get access to 35 lessons over 7 sections
  • All videos shorter than 10 minutes
  • Learn all the basic VHDL keywords
  • See how the building blocks of an FPGA work
  • Create a testbench and simulate your design
  • Checkout the code for each lecture from the Git repo
  • Kick-start your learning with the  supplied project files
  • Program the FPGA right from the first coding lecture

 Warning: additional cost!

Lattice Semiconductor now charges over $350/year for the iCEcube2 software used in this course. It was free until April 2024.